Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music as a meal....

For as long as I can remember, music has been an absolute essential in my life. It's kind of like food for me really. Everyone's one of life's necessities, after all. However, some people take it in for the sake of taking it in. There are some people who are indifferent to what they toss down the gullet to fulfill the basic human need. They like it OK, sure, but they don't necessarily crave it, or analyze it...they chew it up and swallow and go on about the more pressing matters of their day. Me? I'm always hungry for music. I really enjoy the act of consumption and savor every last bite. Not only is it a necessary part of my life, but I take my time at my musical meals, allowing them to stimulate my senses. And I'm ALWAYS looking to experiment with a new flavor.

There are bands/musicians/performers (hereinafter referred to as "artists") that truly nourish my soul, that can strengthen me or successfully break down the toxic elements swirling around my brain, altering my mood for the better, and that keep me from running on empty. They fill me up and make me feel sated, yet always hungering for more. These artists I will always keep coming back to...these ones are my sustenance, if you will, or the cornerstone of my soul's nutrition. They feed my well being. They help me grow.

Some artists I find extremely enjoyable at first taste, and they become a favorite snack for a period of time. They come and go though. They taste great, but don't have the same staying power as my all time favorite foods.

There are those that, while completely empty of substance, CAN be very tasty even though I know they are not very good. Consumption of these little bites of guilty pleasure can't be defended, really, and yet... I'm always willing to indulge sporadically.

And of course, there are those artists (and I use the term "artist" very loosely in this case), that you want to spit out and cleanse from the palate immediately, vowing emphatically that you will never allow them to assault your senses again.

It really is all about finding that balance of what tastes good to you, that effectively nourishes your being, and that has a long lasting appeal. And of course with all matters of taste preference, it is always subjective.

For me, it's incredibly cool and exciting to discover a new dish. The past few years, I've been fortunate enough to take in a number of live shows, and to have discovered, either through my own exploration or through recommendations from people in my social circles, some excellent and tasty morsels that remain in constant rotation on my musical menu. A few days ago, a facebook friend who took note that I see a lot of live music, recommended a band to me that he knew was playing in Toronto. Unfortunately I couldn't make it work, but we got to chatting and the list of recommendations grew. 13 different bands made the list(only 4 of which I had previously been aware of, and I consider myself pretty musically aware!) He graciously offered to share his library with me, was happy to do so, in order to "hopefully gain these bands some new fans". Now THAT, to me is what love of music is all about. You want to share it with people - give others a taste and hope they love it as much as you do!

So that, my friends, is the inspiration for this new blog. I have acquired approximately 600 new tracks, from various albums, from the 13 above noted bands. I plan to consume, and then review within. In addition, I will be writing about some of the live shows I'm taking in this year, and any musical discoveries I come across. My aim here is to put thought to page on my sensory experiences, as well as to stay true to the spirit of the friend who inspired provide an introduction to a variety of different dishes, so you possibly may be intrigued enough to give them a taste test, and in turn, add it to your own menu rotation.

bon appetite mes amis!

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